Amber's House of Dance 2017 Graduates

Past Graduates


2002 - Diana Smith


2003 - Jessica Brown, Heather Holt, Megan Inge, Rachael Montegudo, Lauren Rhodes, Emma Santos, Jessica Wall


2004 - Lynsey Adams, Lauren Allred, Crystal Baldwin, Melia Daniel, Courtney Dimont, Kelly Maines, Britt Mayak, Caroline Schnegg, April Taylor


2005 - Kristina Boswell, Brittany Massey, Alicia Smith


2006 - Katie Brothers, Brittany Loomis,

Tiffany Phillips, Jessica Walker, Casey



2007 - Johnsie Bauguess, Stacey Denzer, Maegan King, Amanda Stafford, Elizabeth Victor


2008 - Andrea Allen, Cera Allred, Jacqui Bryant, Shirene Chehrazi, Ashley Isakson, Addie Moody, Brittany Moore, Jessica

Naessens, Emily Ostrander, Analisa Price, Ryan Stafford, Sarah Terrell, Laura White


2009 - Amy Clinton, Kristen Clinton, Emily Gray, Anna Marshall, Maggie Massey, Caitlin Saunders, Taylor Scheetz, Allyson Smith


2010 - Mallory Atkins, Mary-Metta Baker,  Shauna DeFord, Erin Gerringer, Sarah Hinton, Chandler Kellum, Morgan Leonard,

Shannon Massey, Carey Price


2011 -Melanie Alvis, Ali Barber, Holly Barber, Kassondra Coakley, Michelle Gant, Rebecca Gazda, Emily Gerringer, Kayla Goforth, Kelly Roberts, Jiwan Seo, Kaylin Skipwith


2012 -Rebekah Adams, Jordan Ballard, Megan Butler, Taylor Chrismon, Cortlandt Waddell


2013- Elizabeth Adams, Jalyn Beck, Halie Ellinger, Maddie Fleming, Savana Gantos,

Taylor Hensley, Taylor Jeffries, Brooke Kellum, Haley King, Hannah Price, Mallory Strange, Kayla Summers


2014- Cheyenne Haizlip, Caroline Hall,

Holly Hanford, Hannah Headen, Meredith Joyce, Rachel O’Regan, Hannah Rich, Amanda Terrell, Madison Whorley


2015 - Katherine Damman, Kathryn Dawson

Lindsay Gilliam, Whitney Greene, Olivia Henry, Katie Murray, Autumn Steele, Victoria Zangotsis


2016 - Rachel Barbieri, Kamryn Beck, Savannah Lough, Paige McDowell


Keri Barefoot


“Dance has been a way to relieve stress and become confident in being independent.”


Amanda Fields


“Dance has been a form of expression and a way to involve myself in something other than school work.  I have always loved being able to perform every year, and I love the people that I have danced with.”

Carson Hornaday


“For me, dance is my life.  It is when I feel the most confident and comfortable.”


Olivia Janicello


“Dance is a way for me to express myself.  It has been something that I can turn to whenever I’m going through something and need to let loose.  It has allowed me to grow as a person, providing me with some of my favorite memories; dance means the world to me.”



Kelsey Jordan


“Dance has always been there for me.  It’s helped me through the ups and downs.  It’s taught me life lessons that I will never forget.  Finally, it has taught me to follow my dreams and never give up.”



Shannon O'Regan


“Dance has been a way of expression.  It has also taught me

determination and how to reach towards a goal.”




Megan Purgar


“Dance has given me a second home and a second family that I am so thankful to have had all these years.  I will cherish the memories I have had at AHOD forever!”




Sarah Reers


“The hard work and dedication that I put into dance has always been an escape for me.  It has given me years of enjoyment and has built my confidence to help me achieve my goals.”




Amy Rodriguez


“Dance has been an amazing opportunity to express myself.  I gained many irreplaceable friendships and have learned the value of teamwork over the years.”




Audrey Roy


“Dance has been such a blessing to me.  It has given me much more than I ever imagined.  Dance allowed me to find a love for long studio practices, tough choreographers and intense competitions.  It has also given me lifelong friendships for which I will forever be grateful.  Dance has been an outlet for me to express myself and I will always be in love with it.”