For the beginner or less experienced dancer, technique classes will basically teach the student how to use their body to enhance dance moves. Proper pointing of the toes, arm placement, and leg extensions, plus leaps and turns are only a few of the basics that are taught.


Those more experienced dancers find technique classes provide constant reminders of the importance of strengthening themselves and keeping their bodies in good physical condition while perfecting and enhancing their skills.


Through competitions where HOD All Stars have competed, the importance of technique has been a major factor. From the judge's score card, over one third of the team's overall scores are achieved by clean, precise, technique.


At HOD, all disciplines devote at least 1/3 of each class time to technique. However, to get the maximum dance development, a weekly one hour technique class is highly recommended both during the regular 9-month session and summer!


Why do I need it?

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